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Girl Reviews

  added by  ms... for   on 15 August 2022

Fair, smooth and lovely..

  added by  Ky... for   on 11 August 2022

Really a nice gem 💎. Service tip top.

  added by  Hu... for   on 10 August 2022

This tomyum good 😀

Like long lost girlfriend. super GFE….

After 2 years of no Tomyum, this bring back the old good memories., recommend all bro!

  added by  He... for  Coco (7662) on 07 August 2022

Seriously, horav, what do you mean by playability? Can play meh? Play what for $68? Are you sure?

  added by  Wk... for   on 07 August 2022

Booked her with 2 shot. Is like spending time with long time lover. Nice Syt. Will rtf her before she go back.

  added by  Ja... for   on 07 August 2022

Her bbj and fj is out of the world. Will book her again. 👍

  added by  ho... for  Coco (7662) on 06 August 2022

As promised her on FR

Look: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Playability: 10/10

Visiting her again 🙂

  added by  Da... for  Baby (7666) on 04 August 2022

Just paid Baby a visit, very satisfying massage! Do book her to find out more!

  added by  il... for  Snow (7661) on 03 August 2022

after long work at office, found her near my office and make a quick booking.

visit the place, easy to find and spot.

go straight to a good massage and very chatty…. but i fall a sleep 🙁

but when i am awake, i notice i am quite “RED” like those guasha… this show she quite hardworking even i am a sleep.

good job

  added by  il... for   on 02 August 2022


  added by  dr... for  Duoduo 多多 (5825) on 01 August 2022


  added by  ma... for  Tingting 婷婷 (8762) on 31 July 2022

Here’s my honest FR on her. For starters, as mentioned previously she isnt slim but not fat either. Rather she is something on the overall chubby side.

Really discreet and accessible location and she is really sharp to help you navigate to the place.

At the get go, I must say it was rather awkward especially with somewhat of a language barrier as my Mandarin sucks but she really pushes through it speaks with a certain seductiveness.

She does an excellent job at the massage and she did some really good back cracking work that I think one would be beat to find similar elsewhere. But there again that wasnt the main focus of my visit.

I am a sucker for finger roaming and teasing and I must say she does an excellent job of it, I wished I had asked her to do more of it. 10/10

As for the nuru and BBBJ she really does a phenomenal job and really worked hard to pleasure you which I really appreciate. BBBj was a 9/10

Nonetheless, I must say it is my first time nuru and it was underwhelming

  added by  lo... for   on 30 July 2022

Face : 8/10. CFM face

bath:body surfing! rubba rubba!

Catbath: lick nipples lor.quite sop.


Paint:i don’t like for all girls

1/2 BBBJ: 10/10 bare lick n suck balls/shaft

FJ:10/10. tight.cowgirl,missionary n finish in doggy.

GFE:10/10. no rush.

RTF: yes.when pocket is ready.

Damage: $150 1 shot 1hr

  added by  ad... for  Meinazi 美娜子 (5252) on 29 July 2022

Looks: pretty young milf.
Body: 160cm with a very huggable body.
Boobs: Natural D or E
Frenching: Yes with soft tongue and getting more passionate during the session.
Catbath: very detailed boobs massage indeed.
AR: sensual type
Bbbj: Very skillful and the right amount of suction to my liking, just relax n enjoy.
Painting: A bit bushy but quite wet n no smell, her moaning gets louder n she keeps shivering till the big “O”.
FJ: Accommodating n very responsive, done in various positions n we came together in missionary position, a very good bonking session indeed!
RTF: will return for more.

  added by  Lo... for  Apple (3851) on 28 July 2022

sincerely masseur and willing to use more strength when asked upon. i feel that she is worth every penny for a solid massage after a long day drive as a grab driver…

  added by  jo... for  Tingting 婷婷 (8762) on 27 July 2022

her massage is very good and nuru superb. Her massage was damn good, definitely won’t lose to a professional masseur. I feel that her body massage is good because it can relieve my stiff shoulders and back pain. Nuru was slow and shiok! and ended with her moaning make me surrender very fast. 🤪

  added by  ad... for  Apple (3851) on 26 July 2022

Real person very sexy what you see what you get . Service good . Not time watcher ! Good attitude .

  added by  ho... for  Zixia 紫霞 (6800) on 25 July 2022

Looks : 9/10 Pretty, mid 20s
Boobs : 9/10 Natural C
Body : Sexy, fair skin , tall ( 163 )
Kiss : 9/10
BBJ : 9/10
FJ : 9/10

  added by  ju... for   on 24 July 2022

Looks 样貌/颜值 : 8/ 10
Age (Est) 年龄(大概) : 23
Body 身材 : 7/10 Boobs 胸部 : D
Kissing 接吻 : 沒親吻
Catbath 全身漫游 : 7/ 10
BBBJ 无套口交 : 8/ 10
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : 沒試
FJ 爱爱 : 9/ 10
GFE 女朋友感 : 8/ 10
Massage 按摩 : 9/ 10
Overall Experience 整体 : 8/ 10

  added by  Lu... for  Zixia 紫霞 (6800) on 23 July 2022

FR on 瑶瑶 aka 紫霞

It was an enjoyable experience tonight. Initially was thought of skipping her because of her photo. In fact, her real person is much better looking! Many good reviews were posted recently so I tell myself die die must try. Luckily I did !

瑶瑶 has a sweet look with a friendly personality. I think she’s got one of the best attitude working lady I ever met. She even gave me a brief back massage while chatting with me. GFE was strong as she went all her way to please you with her gentle touch.

Her catbath and ass rim was good with her experienced tongue and mouth licking your sensitive areas. BBBJ was superb too! My dick totally went disappear in her mouth. It felt so good and at times I have to stop her when she lick and suck me with her slow and yet erotic deep throat moves.

The entire FJ process was heavenly, and hearing her moan so real in two positions: woman on top; and my favorite traditional man on top position with non-stop frenching. My pounding makes her moan,

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