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Girl Reviews

  added by  Jo... for  Rita (4368) on 12 October 2023


  added by  wo... for  Mendy (1038) on 11 October 2023

Very good massage. Would recommend bros. To try. Wont disappoint.

  added by  Ai... for  Baby (2929) on 11 October 2023

She looks the same in the photos. Her massage is fairly good. She has a very cute personality and I was attracted by her charm. Enjoyed our moments together after the massage.

  added by  �... for  Miko (2295) on 09 September 2023

Looks 样貌/颜值 : 10 / 10 same to photos showed
Body 身材 : hour glass / Curvy
Boobs 胸部 : B+
Kissing 接吻 : Never try
Catbath 全身漫游 : Never try
BBBJ 无套口交 : Asking but she said no blowjob. At last doing 69 HJ style.
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : Never try
Sex : No sex
GFE 女朋友感 : 10 / 10
Massage 按摩 : 3 / 10(Need to learn more massage)

Overall Experience 整体 : 7 / 10

RTF/RTM 回头率 : Maybe

Remarks (if any) 评语 : place is quite ok. But she experienced with GF feeling to covers all the bad feelings.需要伟哥加微信yindudaigou688延时加增硬效果保证。

  added by  �... for  ShuiShui (9036) on 09 September 2023

樣貌Face: 8.5

身材Body: 9 皮肤白白滑滑再配上小只 nice

胸部Boobs: 9

親吻/舌吻Kiss/French: 10

口交BBBJ: 10
舔的像棒棒糖钻来钻去,時而快,時而慢,还来个深喉 像是很崇拜小弟弟,吸到我差点上天堂,那个舌头在里面乱乱钻爽翻天

舔鲍鱼: 10

啪啪FJ: 9

整体感Overall: 10
友善 ,容易,過程中談了很多她的生活故事,女友感滿滿,就像在和女朋友做爱

  added by  Bl... for  ShuiShui (9036) on 30 August 2023


  added by  So... for  Miko (2295) on 30 August 2023

Looks: 8/10 aged abit but the older the better.
Figure: 9/10 no complaint for this area.
BBBJ: 7/10 gamely oblige in begging but no repeat during climax.
AJ: NA cos no ask.
CBJ: 9/10
FJ: Like to sit on top me then rock non stop. Her favourite move.
RTF: 10/10
To others, it’s a given cos so used to pay premium prices but to me she’s a gem. Please take care of her thanks.

  added by  Sp... for  Beibei 贝贝 (5299) on 20 August 2023

Quite Old with the hardest implants known to man

  added by  Sp... for  Lucky (4958) on 16 August 2023

Quite rude and unpleasant personality. Avoid!

  added by  Sp... for  Lucky (1058) on 16 August 2023

Lucky is an amazing therapist. Finally, the photo and real-life person are true for once. So happy to have met Lucky. Great strength (I like strong) and regularly checking in on how I was doing. Overall, l loved her great sensual massage skills along with her entertaining personality! I will RTM for sure. Strongly recommend 🙂

  added by  An... for  Zoey (6856) on 11 August 2023

Good at everything. Should try out. Best service paid total $290 but worth it

  added by  Po... for  Vivi (5991) on 08 August 2023

Her oil massage is very good. Felt very relaxed after that.

  added by  ma... for  Fairy (8747) on 02 August 2023

Phone number not available. Any update?

  added by  bz... for  Lucky (1058) on 21 July 2023

Lucky is a very experienced and professional masseuse. She knows how to sooth my tired muscles after a long day of work. highly recommended. 👍

  added by  La... for  Lucky (1058) on 20 July 2023

Visited her many times. Good strong massage. Friendly and easy to converse with.

  added by  Sa... for  Lucky (1058) on 20 July 2023

Good massage. Will return again

  added by  Mr... for  Jesming (5368) on 18 July 2023

Can I check is she still around? I Whatsapp her… But no reply

  added by  SK... for  Amy (8571) on 01 July 2023

Excellent massage skill from Amy.
Bro can try out . No regret at all.
She look young and friendly!

  added by  Jo... for  YueEr 月儿 (5364) on 30 June 2023

Hp not in use, is she available?

  added by  Ha... for  Mendy (1038) on 26 June 2023

Booked a session with her. Best massage ever.

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